Designing aspirational AI product experiences built to simplify our digital lives.

I am a product and interaction designer based in Seattle. My vocational experiences in film editing, sociology, bartending, and printmaking have strongly influenced my ability to design from a standpoint that is empathetic to a wide and varied swath of users and needs.  My perspective values technological enrichment over technological fulfillment; that is to design for purpose rather than convenience or acquisition. I am attracted to designing solutions for products that relish accessibility and inclusion. When we design products that consider those with cognitive or physical impairments then we succeed in creating a better product for all.

The type of partners I have worked with include small agencies, large enterprises, and start-ups. I am comfortable and familiar navigating the design process within each of these environments. I am interested in design experiences that improve not just in mobile computing but those which allow us to re-engage with our physical environment to make our future lives more interesting and fulfilling.

Outside of designing products, I do like the traditional PNW outdoors. Backcountry hiking, camping, tubing, kayaking, and pretending I can surf. I’m not too adept at video games, but I can still navigate Super Mario Bros. 3 like a champ. I always tip local baristas, and my screen printing skills are still pretty sharp!